Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Mom

I am so proud of my mom...she has finished her "Sassy Shopper" book. She is still in the process of getting a big publisher, but she is able to sell many books just be word of mouth. I was able to go home Mother's Day weekend and help support her at her book signing at Bridgeport Village. She had a great time and was able to sell quite a few books. If you are ever looking for a great girlfriend gift...this is it. It is small enough to put in your purse (checkbook size), but chalk full of great ideas for fashion. You won't need to spend time or money with a personal shopper. Here is her website if you want to order some books, or just browse the book....

Memorial Day Fun

Every year we go on an annual "Jabusch Family" trip with my in-laws. This year we had to do the trip early since both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant. The thought of having 8 adults, 6 kids, and 2 newborns in one house on a vacation just didn't seem right.

We all packed up and went to Cannon Beach for 4 days. We had a great time. The kids went in the freezing cold water and we all got together and built a sand castle, flew a kite and had s'mores. Here are some pictures of our weekend away.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Freedom Friday

The Before

Well it was April 24th 2007 that I did a Tackle it Tuesday and my job was to redo our Craft room. We have affectionately called it the "Crap Room" ever since we moved in. I have now deemed today "Freedom Friday" since I cleaned out the room and can enjoy all that it was meant to be and I am FREE of any clutter.

It now has a place for everything and the kids can go in there and find the crayons, construction paper, markers and coloring books. I even have a spot for scrap booking. Yes that is right ladies...I am now scrap booking!!! Plus I can wrap a present in there and not have to look for scissors or tape. The kids know that my drawer is off limits.

I am in the process of growing my seeds for my garden in there as well. I will be sure to show off what I have been able to grow and eat this summer. Maybe a pumpkin for this fall too!!!

So, I guess my ambition to clean the room took longer, but I now enjoy it more and can appreciate all the fun things we can create. I just love it when my kids color for me!!!

Mother's Day

My friend recently sent me this email...I felt that all who read my blog (all 10 of you) would get a kick out of it. I know that I had told Jake in the past 5 years that it isn't what he gives me that makes me happy. It is the fact that he spends time weeks before thinking about what he is going to do and gets the kids involved. Now if this year that includes "Guitar Hero" for the Wii, I will be one happy Momma!!!!

Enjoy............I know that most of my readers are of the female persuasion... but there are a few fellas out there that read me so this post if for you.

I am going to help you-you need to send me flowers to thank me.
May 11 is Mother's Day. There... I helped you.

I tell you this because I just read it on my calendar and I groaned a little inside. I groaned because I am doing it to myself again. I am thinking up all kinds of happy romantic ideas that my husband will do for me for Mother's Day and then Mother's Day will come and go and none of it will happen. I will be left making dinner for everyone, cleaning the house, and ultimately getting in a fight with my husband about the fact that he didn't do anything (or anything that I consider worthy enough) and I will go to bed mad and drunk.

This is what I think a husband should do for their wife on Mother's Day: He should worship her. He should get the kids up early and help them make her breakfast in bed. He should have taken the kids to the store THE WEEK PRIOR and helped the kids pick our little presents for her-some suggestions are her favorite perfume, her favorite candy bar, her favorite flavor of Doritos, her favorite lotion, a frame with a picture of the kids, a good book, a home decorating magazine... that kind of stuff. He should then take his wife and children to Church and pray for his wife the entire time he is there.

After Church he should take his wife and children on a picnic lunch to a park and not one that used to be a battleground. After an afternoon of sunning themselves on a blanket and letting the kids play, the husband should take the wife home and insist she take a nap. He should make sure she wakes to the smell of her favorite dinner cooking and she should come down to a set dinner table and a freshly vacuumed house. When dinner is over, he should hand his wife a beer (or glass of wine) and tell her to go read in the living room while he and the kids do the dishes. After dishes the husband should suggest a nice walk with his wife (no kids allowed) and upon return to the house, the husband should bathe and put all children to bed while his wife watches what she wants on the television.

When the kids are in bed and the bathroom is cleaned up from evening baths, the husband should then bring a bowl of ice cream to his wife and rub her feet telling her how much he loves her and how much he appreciates ever thing she does for him and their children. He should then just gaze into her eyes-never once looking down at her breasts.
If you do this men, I can guarantee you that you will love the close of Mother's Day.

Remember... be good to Mama and she will be good to you.

Start preparing now, because she will know the difference between a well thought out plan and one that you throw together at the last moment.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are you Pregnant?

No....I am not pregnant....get that out of your minds before you read on. But if you are skinny in any way, don't bother reading anymore. You won't sympathize with me.

I am not sure what is worse...asking a stranger when they are due and they tell you they are not pregnant, or when your 7 year old boy says "You look pregnant mom!" I know it has been stressful this past year with the move, and being away from my family and friends. That can sure put on a few pounds. Not ever loosing the "baby" weight is also a problem. Being a stay at home mom does have it's perks. Not having to wear suits to work or even think about doing your hair everyday. My Nike hat sure comes in handy. But the negative side for me is the constant snacking. Eating the crust off the kids sandwiches, eating the last bite of breakfast, finishing the cheese and crackers. I don't know about you...but man oh man, it is hard. So instead of a New Years resolution...I am making it my Life Resolution. So I am saying it here...on a public forum...I plan to loose 50 pounds by next Christmas. I have started working out on a daily basis and trying to eat right. This is my promise...I can't wait to post a picture of me 8 months from now.

I must go now and talk to my son about how to win a girls heart, so far he is batting zero. hee hee

Monday, April 21, 2008

A week in Paradise

So I know I have be neglecting my blog lately!! Sorry to the few that even check my blog, and haven't seen anything for a month. Ugh...I live a dull life.

But I now have something to share...more than just a girl scout cookie experience.

Last week I was able to leave this wonderful home of four beautiful children and a wonderful husband to the wonderful sunny spot of Palm Springs with my mom and aunt. I was a little nervous to go from 40 degree weather to 100+ degrees in a matter of 2 hours and 37 minutes. I am happy to say I adjusted very well.

As I got off the plane I was overwhelmed with heat coming off of the pavement. It took me a minute to acclimated my body and breath normally. I took off to get my luggage and retrieve the rental car. After an hour I was met by my mom and then off to our paradise.

Once we ate dinner we were back at the airport to meet my aunt. I swear I was in Heaven, or at least pretty close. The rest of the 6 days were spent by the pool, reading and resting with a few days of shopping. Because you can't lay by the pool after noon. Going to eat at restaurants and only cutting my food was such a treat. Not only that...but my food was hot when I was able to eat.

I am happy to be home now with the family...but I am excited to know that we are planning a trip again in a year. I will definitely be looking forward to it.
Me enjoying a a sunset by the pool.
I was a little surprised by the number of humming birds there
were here. I had several attempts to capture this
one male that would let me get fairly close.
Not the highlight of my trip, but pretty cool anyway!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie NIGHTMARE

My sweet Sydney decided this year that she wanted to try Girl Scouts out. I said sure and she has had a good time so far. But several months ago the Troop leader (and neighbor) asked me to be the Cookie Mom. I didn't know to much about it and asked a FEW questions about the job description. I thought it over (5 minutes) and said yes. Boy was I in for an awakening.

Not only did I have to pick up 2000+ cookies in my suburban (I think that the car was a shoe in to get the job) the first week. But I have been in charge of 15+ cookie site sales, moms coming to my house to get extra cookies (all the while keeping track of those cookies too), and also depositing $11,500 into a bank account. I am SO not the paper pusher nor an accountant. This has stretched me so far, I think I am going to burst. Needless to say, my nightmares of loosing cookies in my garage are subsiding. And keeping track of my 4 year old and all the Thin Mint boxes he opened have added to my own cookie count. I started out with 2 boxes we pre-ordered and are now up to 10. Good thing my Nicholas is so cute!!!!!

Anyway, if you ever have a girl in Girl Scouts...stay away from the Cookie Mom job. There is always someone in the bunch who will do it!